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Website background design made easy

Inixia is a web app that allows you to create backgrounds for your websites, from animated particle backgrounds to gradients. With over 40 templates to choose from and endless customization, Inixia makes it easy to create a background that reflects your website's unique flair.

A Selection of the Cool Web Page Backgrounds You Can Make

To view a quick selection of some of our most popular backgrounds, check out the for a preview gallery on our Home Page.

You can take any of these backgrounds and customize their color scheme and more, to create a unique background perfect for your business or website.


Inixia allows you to export up to 30 free web page backgrounds per month, and if you'd like to create more, you can pay per background also, at only $1 per background thereafter.

Why Export?

Exporting results in the creation of a fully-responsive, pixel-crisp background, either in SVG or with CSS. By taking a screenshot of the image, it might not scale well on larger devices or could be too large for a mobile phone to download.

Exporting allows the client to generate the background quickly and tailored to the size of the device, leading to performance enhancements and faster load times.

You can experiment with background creation as much as you like, and can try out the multiple features in an unlimited manner. Exporting however will be limited.