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Gradient Generator

Generate gradients instantly with this tool, click on a gradient to export its CSS/SVG!

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Want More Tools Like This?

Want to try out more tools like this? We'll be launching our new background generator soon, which allows you to create animated backgrounds for your website, plus cool triangle backgrounds and a whole lot more.

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How To Export

You can generate both the CSS required to add a gradient background, or export a cool SVG radial gradient which will appear like the circle gradients above. Simply click on a gradient to get the exported CSS or SVG.

If you'd like to apply the CSS to an element, just paste the line of CSS generated as part of your element's CSS, for example you could add it as a hero container's background or the page's body.

Want some hand-chosen gradients? If you want to view a curated version, we'll be writing our post on the blog which will include some of our favourite picks.

This generates circle gradients and the SVG markup required, or you can just copy the CSS for the background so you can use it in your website backgrounds, elements, or buttons.